Is History Passé?

In the November 3rd edition of his “Letter from Africa” column, Sola Odunfa discusses how the Nigerian senate has re-opened talks to reintegrate history in Nigerian schools. The subject had been obliterated from curriculums during Babangida’s leadership as the latter dismissed history as having “no market value” (Odunfa 2016). While Odunfa does not explicitly tackle… Read More Is History Passé?

City-dwellers by choice or by force?

This article is in response to Scott Gilmore’s “The hard truth about remote communities” published on the website Following the shootings that occurred in the rural, northern Saskatchewan town of LaLoche, Scott Gilmore argued that the shooting was related to the socioeconomic hardships that tend to plague rural towns. While painting a general picture… Read More City-dwellers by choice or by force?

Disney’s Loss of Innocence: language, race and gender in children’s animated movies

Originally posted on Cultural Life:
Disney Orlando castle at night. By Veryhuman (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Most of my peers grew up with Disney animated movies. They watched the classics — The Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast… I didn’t. To this day, I’ve seen a grand total of two Disney animations: Dumbo and The Many…

#AccessNow: Reproductive Rights in PEI

Mention abortion in public, and you have high chances of hearing the distinct sound of both pro-life and pro-choice supporters dusting off their megaphones and protest signs. Lately,the abortion argument has resulted in the social mobilization of certain groups from both camps in Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. Currently, there are no public clinics… Read More #AccessNow: Reproductive Rights in PEI