Fort McMurray Relief

By now the majority of Canadians are aware of the fiery destruction ravaging Fort McMurray, so I will spare you the details. Unfortunately, it is predicted that the fires could continue burning for months.  It will take immense time, effort, and money to rebuild Fort McMurray and the surrounding affected areas. It is therefore time for Canadians to demonstrate solidarity for a province that has continuously been an economic powerhouse for our federation. Whatever our views are of Alberta’s energy industry, it cannot be denied that this industry has benefited the majority of the provinces through equalization payments.

Anyways, what I want to focus most on today are the aid campaigns/fundraising operations I have been made aware of.

  1. The most prominent NGO managing Alberta fire relief is the Red Cross. All donations to the Red Crosswill be matched by the federal government. You can donate here.
  2. TJMaxx Canada (Winners, Homesense Marshall’s) is also pairing up with the Red Cross to gather donations, and will match all donations dollar for dollar up to a value of 100 000$. Donations can be made in store.
  3. Tim Hortons has also pledged to donate 100 000$ and will be providing beverages to evacuees and front line personnel. They have also launched a limited edition “Alberta Rose” donut, with 100% of proceeds going to the Red Cross. These donuts are available beginning today, May 9th.
  4. Provinces like Manitoba and New Brunswick have also mobilized personnel and resources to the cause.
  5. Individuals like James Taylor (singer) and and Peter Munk (mining magnate) are also making personal and significant donations.

Thanks to these campaigns and other fundraising efforts, 30 million dollars has already been collected by the end of last week. If there is a silver lining to this story, it is that this tragedy has allowed us to see how willing Canadians are to help each other.

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