Thinking Critically

While I am extremely excited to start analysing and raising awareness about social and political issues in our contemporary world, it would challenge my integrity if I did not give this very important disclaimer, which is to THINK CRITICALLY! Even of those who tell you to think critically (case and point: me).

I do try to ground all my opinions in previous academic work and primary sources relevant to the issue at hand, but my views are nonetheless shaped by my cultural background, education, personal experiences, and more. Which bring me to highlight some of the key points of media literacy:

  • All media are constructions
  • They are constructed to reflect reality
  • They are constructed to represent certain value and ideological messages, these ideologies can be political, economical, cultural, religious and more.

I think we may sometimes take for granted how constructed media really is: even in regards to the blog, I choose which topics I want to write about and which I don’t; I choose the words I will use to prove my point of view by keeping in mind what message I am trying to convey and how the audience will receive it. This is the case for all media, whether we are talking about TV shows and movies, academic textbooks, or a simple Instagram post. Because media is constructed, constructing media involves a series of choices which are made according to our goals and our beliefs.

What I’m trying to get at is, despite media seeming “legit” I encourage you to QUESTION EVERYTHING, including me. I am starting this blog with the hopes of not only educating others but of educating myself. Therefore, all feedback is appreciated; let’s keep the discussions rolling!